"Wealth built without ethics,
is like a book written on toilet paper."

The dream of an entrepreneur is the ignition to change. One type is where it burns barriers to ashes and the other type is that which disguises itself as a glowing torch to light up the paths of a multitude. Mr. Suresh’s entrepreneurial journey represents both of these ignitions. We welcome you sir

As a student who got an admission into a very reputed printing technology institute at pune, purely based on merit had to suspend his education within a few months of commencement of academic session due to sudden unreasonable demand raised by the college authorities for a large donation amount. Well aware of the financial circumstances of his family and unwilling to burden his parents, he sought his uncle’s guidance in his paper industry

After getting trained there, he set out to start the path breaking journey of an entrepreneur who generated employment for large masses and created new entrepreneurs as well. It is easy to make a hardworking employee but it is twice as difficult to generate a smart entrepreneur and he made 13 of them!!!!

Going against the conventional wedding card industry he did what he is known for - “Philanthropic change”. While everybody constricted their business to themselves, he decided to grow other entrepreneurs. He did not restrict them to seasonal sale. We often study theories and wonder ‘why didn’t we think of this?’. Well, Mr. Suresh did not have to gaze into blank space, thinking so. With his practical thinking and mere common sense he applied concepts like ESOP, backward supply chain management and many more.

Mr. Suresh is an active member of YES (Young Entreprenuers School, TamilNadu Chamber of Commerce), award winner in YESCon (Conference). He was recommended by various entrepreneurial bodies to go on a business collaboration which took place in US (as a SME ambassador under CII). He was chosen for a trip to China to explore business opportunities there.

Mr. Suresh believes in simplicity, adaptability and follows the mantra “anything in excess is not good”. His only competition in terms of the number of languages known is Indian rupee note. A fact worth going in the Guinness book of world record is, he established his entire network without a cell phone.